Kate & Reg's Wedding

Saturday July 30th, 2022
21 Days 19 Hours 39 Minutes 38 Seconds

Hello Everyone!


Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure!
We put a map together for everyone's convenience. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The Wedding

The ceremony is going to begin Saturday at 1pm at the Silver Water Community Hall. Please aim to arrive between Noon and 12:30pm. We encourage people to car pool as much as possible, but there is a decent amount of parking at the hall. Feel free to get dressed up or wear whatever you're comfortable in. The ceremony will be short and sweet, to be followed by a light, casual lunch at the hall. We might pop around and take some photos and everyone's welcome to join, hang out, go adventuring on the island, or return to their lodgings whenever they would like. This is all very casual!

 We will have a big BBQ at Kate's parent's starting around 5-6pm. We will have plenty of food available, including hamburgers and sausages. We will stock the fridges and coolers with some beer and wine. All are welcome to bring their own drinks and snacks as well. (Bring a cooler if you have one!) Please try to avoid bringing glass bottles as much as possible; plastic and cans are best. There will be darts, music, and a bonfire! 

We encourage everyone to car pool as much as possible, as there is not as much parking at Kate's parent's. We have arranged a designated driver to provide rides from the BBQ back to the other lodgings later in the night as many of us will be drinking. Please do not drink and drive! Arrangements can always be made if someone needs a ride. We live in a very small community and want to respect our neighbours and everyone's safety at all times.

Kate & Reg’s Airbnb

The Airbnb we have rented is located directly on Silver Lake with waterfront access, a dock, kayaks, canoes, a swing, fire pit, and indoor and outdoor games. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy! Please be respectful of our neighbours when it comes to noise. We have it rented from Friday July 29-Friday Aug 5. There is one main lodge with a kitchen, living room and big front porch. There is a separate cabin with two seperate bathrooms. Then there are 4 separate sleeping cabins. We have placed everyone in a specific cabin, but feel free to switch or adjust amongst yourselves:

Cabin 1: Kate, Reg
Cabin 2: Trish, Sanjay, Abby
Cabin 3: Anthony, Lauren, Shannon, Matt, Raewyn
Cabin 4; Colin, Debbie, Shawn, Brenda, Nicole, Ryan
Main Lodge Livingroom: Henry, Sue, Joel, Paul, Lara

The Moore Family will be staying at Kate and Reg’s House.

The Sorbara Family will be staying at Kate's parents house.

Kate's mom Anne has also rented an Airbnb on Burnt Island Rd.

All of the rental properties are paid in full. If anyone would like to contribute we would recommend $50, per person, per night. However this is a pay-what-you-can basis.

What to Bring

We recommend everyone bring lawn chairs if you have them for the BBQ. Also make sure you bring your swimsuits and outdoor clothes. It does still get chilly at night up here, especially by the water, so make sure to pack some warmer clothes. The worst of bug season should be over by then, thank goodness!  There is limited fridge space, and we will have lots of food at the Airbnb and Kate’s parent’s house. Everyone is welcome to bring some of their own food if desired, just be mindful of fridge space. Prices are a little higher on the island so we recommend stopping for groceries on the way and bringing a cooler.


They say to fill up when your tank is half full because gas stations can be few and far between up here, and many are closed on Sunday’s. We usually gas up at H&M in Gore Bay. Gas is usually cheaper on the Indigenous Reservations and they welcome everyone's business, so you can keep an eye out for those as well. (Some of our regular gas stations are on the map.) 

Always keep an eye out for deer, turtles, birds, racoons, skunks, foxes, rabbits and bears!
 They are particularly active near the road around dusk.


We want everyone to enjoy their time up here and see a bit of the beautiful island we call home. Please feel free to take some time to yourselves and check out anything you would like to. Be mindful that the island is very old-fashioned, (“island time” is a very real thing up here!) and many businesses and attractions close early, around 5-6pm. Feel free to reach out if you would like any recommendations!


Our cat Larry Bones will remain at our house; he is welcome to go outside and is friendly(ish) but shy and fearful of dogs. He can scratch and bite at times and under no circumstance should you touch his belly! He is very lovely though! Careful when opening and closing the door as Larry likes to bolt out; he is welcome to go outside, just make sure he doesn't get caught in the door.

Kate’s parents have 2 dogs at their house, named Hunter and Toby. They are friendly, lovely boys. There will also be a nice dog at Kate and Reg’s Airbnb named Abby!

Share your Photos!

There will be no formal photography, so candid shots are encouraged! please send any photos to regmedia@gmail.com or you can share them with us below!
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<3 kate & reg

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
Thank you so much for making the effort to come up and share our special day.
We can’t wait to see you all!

<3 kate & reg

Reg: 905-746-5390
Kate: 289-237-9219
Paul Sorbara: 519-731-4115

Kate & Reg’s House:
20235 Highway 540, Silver water

Paul & Beth’s House (Kate’s Parents):
57 Kemp Lake Rd, Silver water

Anne’s Airbnb (Kate’s Mom):
384 Burnt island rd, silver water

Kate & Reg’s Airbnb:
203 silver lake rd, silver water

Silver water Community Hall:
20530 highway 540, silver water

* All of these locations are within a 5 min drive of each other.